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These have happened recently in the helpitgo community:

Fabian posted a new task: "Convector cleaning"

Budapest XIII
Active task

Jani posted a new task: "Cutting, mowing, landscaping"

Active task

Peti already got applicants for this: "Motorbike plexi polishing"

In progress

David already got applicants for this: "Casual fast typing"

Budapest IX
In progress

Dorina succesfully closed her task: "Russian-English-Hungarian learning"

Budapest VII
Closed task

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"I myself work in IT as a manager, I realized and reformed several helpdesks during my career. I'm really glad that other companies share my idea of customer focused practices and that it works well. Godspeed, I'm rooting for you!"



"Outstanding concept and app! You can get to know many people and pretty good relationships can be established. It's great that one can advertise, make offers, ask for help in all kinds of categories. Congratulations :)"



"Niche and original application! Easy to use, and as far as I can tell, more people use it everyday. I've even advertised on it, with success."


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